Kasvojen skinbooster-hoito (Innea Classic)
Kasvojen skinbooster-hoito (Innea Classic)
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The Skinbooster procedure is an injection treatment that brightens and lightens the skin, improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Skinbooster substances are not fillers: the hyaluronic acid they contain is light and unstabilized ("free") and it spreads over large areas. The effectiveness of the Skinbooster treatment is based on the ability of hyaluronic acid to bind water to itself.

The three characteristics of good skin are texture (smooth and moisturized skin), elasticity (firmness and elasticity) and even color (no pigment changes or redness).

Skinbooster and skin Biorevitalization are specific treatments for improving these properties. When light hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin, the skin is revived, smoothed and brightened

Skinbooster treatment is an injection treatment. Hyaluronic acid is introduced into the skin using dozens of micro-injections. Some customers find needle pricks unpleasant. Often, the treatment area is numbed with cream before the procedure (anesthesia is purchased separately!). Cream anesthesia takes 15 to 45 minutes, so we ask our customers to mention the need for cream anesthesia when booking an appointment.

The results of Skinbooster are the most optimal after a series of treatments. As a preparation, we use Innea Classic's unstabilized hyaluronic acid.



TREATMENT PROVIDER: certified aesthetic nurse


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Treatment areas and duration of results

Skinboosters are suitable for places other than the face. In addition to the face, the most common treatment areas are the neck, décolleté and backs of the hands. The benefits achieved with the treatment usually last for months. The gel releases hyaluronic acid gradually over time, all the while binding water and keeping your skin firm and youthful.

A three-time series treatment keeps the skin youthful for up to two years. If necessary, the effect of the serial treatment can be boosted with one touch-up treatment.

The treatment is recommended as a series of three treatments; treatments are done every 1 to 2 weeks. Small amounts of skinbooster gel are injected into the desired treatment area very frequently, approximately every 1 cm. After the treatment, the skin reddens somewhat. On the day of the treatment, you should take a break from saunas and physical activities, but you can continue your normal life already the next day.

The following hyaluronic acids are used in Cityklinikka's skinbooster treatments:

Innea Classic

We use Innea Classic in our skinbooster treatments. Skinbooster treatments are performed for clients of very different ages. The youngest skinbooster patients are around 20 years old, and on the other hand, the skin of people over 70 years old still benefits from skinbooster treatments.

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