City Clinic's Terms and Conditions of Delivery

City Clinics Group Oy

Terms and Conditions of Delivery

Valid from August 13.8.2019 

General information about the online store. 

The services of this online shop are sold by City Clinics Group (Business ID: 2491156-2). We sell services to adult individuals in Finland and the EU. The prices of the services include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices.

Ordering services

Products are ordered via the Internet at 

All orders are confirmed by email, indicating the price of the order and the services ordered. In order to receive an order confirmation, you must provide an email address when ordering. The Customer undertakes to comply with the terms of delivery applicable to each order.

Order confirmation

We will send you an order confirmation by email showing: 

  1. Your own information 
  2. the order date 
  3. order number 
  4. the total amount of the invoice 
  5. payment reference
  6. payment method

Payment options

Services will be paid upon ordering. The following payment methods can be used to pay in the online store:

  1. Debit and credit cards
  2. Online bank service
  3. MobilePay 
  4. pivo 
  5. Collector Invoice / Collector Installment 
  6. Flexibility invoice or installment 
  7. Mash Invoice (Invoicing Fee $ 3.95) 
  8. Mash-installment 
  9. Klarna bill
  10. Klarna part payment

Order processing

We will process your order during the clinic's opening hours once payment has been made. 

Delivery time

  • The customer will receive an order confirmation in their email after a purchase.

Shipping method

Purchased services are aesthetic treatments. They are made either on the premises of City Clinic or on the partner companies premises that are mentioned on service site.

The Gift Card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Other purchases are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. If necessary, we will be flexible about validity, if you contact us by telephone tel. 0201 777 288.

The order confirmation will be presented to City Clinic staff when coming to the operation.

Exchange and return terms

The customer has a 14-day replacement and return policy under the Finnish Consumer Protection Act. If a purchase is made using a promotional code, the order must always be canceled in its entirety. 

Please include the following information with your return:

  1. Your customer number
  2. Name
  3. Address
  4. Phone number 
  5. Your bank account 
  6. As well as a copy of City Clinic's online store order confirmation
  • Return address: 
  • City Clinic Aleksanterinkatu 21 A (4th floor) 00100 Helsinki 

Once the refund is approved, we will also void the payment at the payment service provider (Klarna, Checkout or Mash).

As a general rule, we will not accept returns more than 14 days after delivery.

We reserve the right to change our terms of delivery. Prior to placing an order, the customer must read the applicable delivery terms. City Clinic treats all customer information with complete confidentiality. City Clinic undertakes not to disclose customer information to a third party.

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