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This treatment includes one filler treatment with HAEQUEO Extra and one area botulinum treatment. See below for different uses.

With the HAEQUEO Extra combo treatment, you can e.g.

  • get full lips AND a wrinkle-free forehead OR
  • smoothes crow's feet AND fills nasolabial folds OR
  • raises cheekbones AND smoothes horizontal forehead wrinkles OR
  • get rid of Sibelius crease AND deep nasolabial folds OR
  • smooth out crow's feet AND shape the chin OR
  • lifts the brows AND lifts the features

Various filler treatments have been among our most popular treatments at CityClinic for a very long time, and for good reason - they can be used to treat a wide range of problem areas on the face and body, as well as emphasize and modify facial features relatively inexpensively, without recovery time. Filler treatments also work preventively and therapeutically against skin aging changes.

This autumn, we have increased our range of fillers with a completely new hyaluronic acid-based, Italian preparation called HAEQUEO - a filler created as a result of more than two years of testing and research, enabling optimal and long-lasting aesthetic treatment results.

HAEQUEO uses the same raw material factory in Japan as the world's most famous filler brand Juvéderm.

HAEQUEO Extra is the best choice when the problem to be treated is medium-deep as well as deep and severe facial wrinkles and lines. It is also a good choice when you want to modify the overall outline of the face.




certified aesthetic nurse

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The botulinum treatment included in the combo treatment campaign is always the so-called aesthetic, botulinum toxin treatment of one area (e.g. horizontal forehead wrinkles, "Sibelius line", corners of the eyes, etc.).

Medical botulinum treatments (headache, excessive sweating, bruxism) are not sold in the online store. Ask more about them by phone, 0201 777 288.

HAEQUEO is made of hyaluronic acid. What makes the product unique is its innovative production method, where the most important aspect is focused on the special structure of the filler gel.

Unlike many other filler products, with its special structure, the gel manages to spread to all the intermediate layers of the skin and penetrate the areas surrounding the injection site, while still maintaining its own cohesion, volume and longevity.

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