Liquid facelift (2,5 ml) - HKI, TKU
Liquid facelift (2,5 ml) - HKI, TKU
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PAYMENT POSSIBILITY - up to 60 months payment time!

The new, revolutionary whole face filler treatment combines the benefits of hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite. Liquid facelift restores youthful fullness to the face and repairs skin aging by stimulating the skin's natural collagen synthesis. The efficacy of the treatment is based on stabilized hyaluronic acid embedded with microparticles containing calcium hydroxylapatite. The Liquid facelift fills and enhances features strongly while promoting collagen recycling.

The treatment offers the benefits of both hyaluronic acid and calcium based fillers. The end results are long lasting, the skin's own collagen production is increased. Calcium hydroxylapatite stimulates the skin to produce collagen, and the hyaluronic acid gel creates space for the new collagen in the cellular medium. Liquid facelift is suitable for moderate lifting. It does not fully replace surgical face lift. If there is a lot of excess skin, surgical facelift remains the most sensible option.

A liquid facelift purchased from an online store is always performed by a certified aesthetic nurse. The end result is natural, rejuvenated and long lasting. The result lasts for 12 to 24 months.


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Certified Aesthetic Nurse


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