HAEQUEO Sumia – Full Face - Filler treatment
HAEQUEO Sumia – Full Face - Filler treatment
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INSTALLMENT PAYMENT OPTION - up to 60 months of payment time!

This treatment includes one filler treatment with HAEQUEO Sumia (1.5ml). If you want, you can buy additional injections.

The newest and richest product of the HAEQUEO product family is here! HAEQUEO Sumia is an excellent choice for shaping, highlighting and filling the cheekbones and chin. A syringe of up to 1.5 ml can cover different parts of the face.

If you want to achieve much fuller features with the full face filler treatment, we recommend buying an additional syringe.

HAEQUEO uses the same raw material factory in Japan as the world's most famous filler brand Juvéderm.



TREATMENT PROVIDER: certified aesthetic nurse


+358 (0)201 777 288

HAEQUEO is made of hyaluronic acid. What makes the product unique is its innovative production method, where the most important aspect is focused on the special structure of the filler gel.

Unlike many other filler products, with its special structure, the gel manages to spread to all the intermediate layers of the skin and penetrate the areas surrounding the injection site, while still maintaining its own cohesion, volume and longevity.

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