INNEA AQUA 2ml -  biorevitalization 3X serial treatment
INNEA AQUA 2ml - biorevitalization 3X serial treatment
Innea Aqua 2ml -biorevitalisaatio
Innea Aqua 2ml -biorevitalisaatio
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New in autumn 2020: Innea Aqua (incl. hyaluronic acid and trehalose sugar, which enables a long-lasting treatment result)

This product contains three treatment times. 

The new, high-quality Italian product Innea Aqua contains hyaluronic acid and trehalose sugar, which keeps the hyaluronic acid at the injection site for a long time - up to 2 months. It is recommended to do it 3 times as a serial treatment.

The treatment achieves:

  • Enhances the skin's collagen production and increases the number of collagen fibers in the skin
  • Lightens scars and heals possible skin damage
  • Deeply moisturizes
  • Rejuvenates skin condition and appearance
  • Brightens and brightens
  • Evens out color defects
  • Smoothes wrinkles and reduces signs of aging

Mesotherapy is a multi-injection treatment that has grown in popularity all over the world in recent years. Mesotherapy is used to treat many skin problems. Some of the mesotherapy treatments are suitable for treating oily, impure and acne-prone skin. Some of the treatments are tailored to improve the special problems of dry skin. There are also mesotherapy procedures for correcting liver spots, lines, wrinkles and sagging features.

How does Innea Aqua, which we use in our skinbooster/mesotherapy treatments, differ from the hit product Profhilo, and is it perhaps even better than its predecessor? In our opinion, yes.

✔️ Unlike Profhilo, INNEA AQUA contains trehalose sugar as the first product on the market in addition to hyaluronic acid, guaranteeing the product an extremely long-lasting moisturizing effect and an anti-oxidation property.

✔️ Made in Europe in Italy, CE mark on the back and solid scientific research. This makes INNEA AQUA one of the most advanced and effective products in the field of skin biostimulation and bioregeneration.

✔️ INNEA AQUA's hyaluronic acid concentration is one of the highest hyaluronic acid concentrations on the market.



TREATMENT PROVIDER: certified aesthetic nurse


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