Lääkärit: esteettinen botuliinihoito
Lääkärit: esteettinen botuliinihoito
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If you want an anesthetic, be sure to also schedule an appointment for it.

All botox treatments are done at the same visit.

Tuotteen ostamisesta kertyy 229 kanta-asiakaspistettä.
Liity kanta-asiakkaaksi kirjautumalla sisään tai rekisteröitymällä.

All online store products are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Please make an appointment within 6 months from purchase. Exceptions for gift cards and a year's series of treatments.

INSTALLMENT PAYMENT POSSIBILITY - up to 60 months payment time! Pay in installments

Aesthetic botulinum toxin treatment by a doctor

Aesthetic botulinum treatment (botulinum toxin treatment) is the solution to the following problems:

  • forehead lines and wrinkles (eg Sibelius wrinkle, horizontal forehead lines) OR
  • laughs and crows feet around the eyes OR
  • lowered eyebrows and upper eyelids OR
  • turned down corners of the mouth


Helsinki and Lahti


If you also buy anesthetic cream, be sure to book an appointment for anesthetic cream as well. 

City Clinic - tel. +358 201 777 288  

ONLY aesthetic botulinum treatments are sold in the online store. Botulinum toxin treatments for headaches / migraines, tooth brushing and hyperhidrosis are not available online. For more information, call 0201 777 288.

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