Nefertiti Lift/ HKI
Nefertiti Lift/ HKI
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Nefertiti Lift is a botulinum toxin treatment for the lower face that tightens and smooths the jaw line. The procedure involves controlled injection of botulinum toxin into the neck and jaw. Jaw line and neck will tighten. The hamster bags will level out and the hanging of lower face will be reduced significantly. 

Nefertiti Lift is an inexpensive and extremely fast procedure. There is no need to take time to recover at all. The downside, however, is the duration of the results: Nefertiti Lift should be renewed every 3 to 6 months, as with other botulinum toxin treatments.

Of course, it must be understood that botulinum toxin injection therapy cannot replace, for example, face lift. Nefertiti Lift helps women and men who still have quite a moderate amount of hanging of the lower face. If there is a large amount of excess tissue, the situation will require either plastic surgery or long-term combination therapy with different techniques.




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